Adam Lanza Shooting: After Tragedy, Ohio Governor John Kasich Opts to Make it Easier to Carry Guns


Known for turning Ohio's economy around and never backing down from policy battles, Ohio's Governor John Kasich is once again making headlines. This time, however, Kasich isn't battling unions — he's taking a stand for gun rights. Expected to be made official this week, Kasich has announced his intentions to sign a bill that will alter Ohio's current gun laws.

The bill, which comes just as deep anti-gun sentiment sweeps the country in the aftermath of the horrific Sandy Hook shootings, could bring about at least one major change to Ohio's gun laws putting Ohio on track to becoming a more gun friendly state. 

Ohio has favorable gun laws that bypass many of the hassles tied with purchasing a weapon, like mandatory safety classes or waiting periods. In addition, Ohio concealed carry permits (CCW) can be obtained by completing a 12-hour class and permit holders can go just about anywhere, including bars, after the permit is received.It should be no surprise that Ohio continues to pass laws that favor gun rights.

As funny as it may be, the most controversial part of the bill renders the least amount of change. After Kasich signs the bill into law, CCW permit holders will now be legally able to carry their weapon within the confines of the state capitol parking garage (considered government property). Of course there is a minor catch, being that the weapon must not leave the confines of the car.

If signed into law, all gun owners will be able to have loaded clips within the confines of their vehicle, provided that they are kept within a separate compartment from the gun.

This will make transporting a gun within the state of Ohio much more convenient. No longer will gun owners be burdened with having to take time to un-load clips, right before completely separating their ammunition from their gun - just to drive down to the range.

More importantly, however, is the fact that gun owners will now have the ability to protect themselves and others, within seconds rather than minutes.

Although not currently the popular opinion to have, it is gun-friendly measures like this one that save lives. Although this is not a landmark legislation, it does tweak the law in a way that affords a greater ability for citizens to protect themselves and potentially save the life of another. I commend Governor Kasich for (and please excuse the pun) sticking to his guns and continuing to show support for the Second Amendment.