Syria Civil War: Syrian Christians Could Suffer if Assad Falls


Now even the warmongering Right in America seems to be getting the picture. 

In an article on the militant Media Research Center's "CNSNews" outlet, even the pro-war faction of the Republican Right is finally understanding the plight of Christians in Syria.

It has been well-known for some time that the rebel factions in Syria are a mixed bag of Syrian dissenters, power-seeking defectors, and, most importantly, foreign radical Islamist terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood and even Al-Qaeda. The U.S. government has been openly supplying these groups with non-weapons aid, though there is significant evidence that their Western governments are already supplying military gear, or have promised to do so.

Western media has consistently portrayed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's Alawite regime as monsters, insisting that the government has committed mass executions and is intentionally targeting civilian populations. Conveniently, both Turkish and Israeli sources claim that regime troops have fired mortars at their respective borders, which the Turks used as justification for beginning military exercises across the border into Syria. Why Assad would intentionally fire on Turkey and Israel isn't explained.

Unfortunately for the minority groups in Syria, including some 2.1 million Christians, the largely Islamist rebel factions aren't quite as understanding of non-Muslims as the largely secular Alawite regime under Assad has been. Reports indicate that the Free Syrian Army and its successors have intentionally targeted Christian groups and enclaves, and the entire city of Homs was evacuated by its estimated 35,000 Christians as a result of the conflict.

Whatever the involvement by the U.S. government happens to be, if Syria's secularist government falls to an Islamic-dominated coalition, it seems very likely that Syrian Christians will fare as badly as those in the other Middle Eastern nations that the United States has "liberated," like IraqAfghanistanLibya, and Egypt.

Thankfully, Americans seem to oppose military support of the Syrian rebels by an almost 3-to-1 margin. While the death and destruction occurring in Syria are terrible, the reality is that the rebels winning could mean yet more Islamist oppression of Christians and other minorities in that country. Hopefully the world will let Syria's people sort out its own problems, instead of fomenting yet another catastrophe like the so-called "Arab Spring" has scattered across the Middle East.