13 Ominous Signs the Mayan Apocalypse May Not Be a Total Hoax


Before you dismiss the Mayan Apocalypse as a total hoax, take the time to review these 13 ominous signs that our civilization may be coming to an end.

They are the people, ideas and events that made 2012 a kind of apocalyptic year — and that will probably end the world (at least as we known it):  

1. Climate Change: 

Hurricane Sandy ripped through New York City, leaving entire towns in the cold and darkness and reminding us how unprepared we are for a next storm — which will probably be exponentially worse. 

2. Mass Shootings: 

The horrific Sandy Hook Elementary massacre, in Newtown, Connecticut was just the most recent nightmare of a mass shooting epidemic that seems to be increasing in scope and frequency.   

3. Westboro Baptist Church: 

"religious" group that believes American soldiers' deaths are a well-deserved punishment for gay marriage? Do we need to say more?

4. Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin: 

The Republican politicians that, with their irresponsible comments about rape, legitimized gendered violence and undermined women's rights.   

5. Justice Antonin Scalia: 

The Supreme Court conservative Justice who, in the wake of the civil rights issue of our era, defended previous opinions that may have equated homosexuality to bestiatlism. 

6. Christopher Castillo: 

Just one of the loons who threatened to kill President Obama this year. 

7. Drone Warfare: 

What it may end up being the darkest spot on President Obama's future legacy, as the increasing reports of civilian casualties (including children in places like Yemen and Pakistan) are raising flags at home and abroad.   

8. Assad: 

The Syrian president who has spent the last 20 months slaughtering his own people in order to cling to power. 

9. The Muslim Brotherhood: 

The religious/political group that threatens with rolling back women's and religious rights in Egypt, in the wake of the Arab Spring.

10. Taliban Attack on Malala: 

The horrific shooting of Pakistani teenage education advocate Malala Yousafzai for the "crime" of fighting for female education in a Taliban-dominated area. 

11. Internet Censorship: 

SOPA, PIPA and the many other attempts at internet censorship at home and abroad. 

12. Anti-American Protests: 

The wave of anti-Americanism displayed this fall when Muslims were enraged by the anti-Muslim YouTube video The Innocence of Muslims

13. Uganda "Kill the Gay" Bill: 

The anti-gay bill Ugandan Christian fundamentalists are demanding the parliament as a "Christmas gift."


Zombie Apocalypse: 

The series of bath salts-induced cannibalistic attacks back in the spring.