The 5 Biggest Pro-Gun Myths ... Busted


Myth #1: More guns do not result in more deaths.

According to a survey by the Harvard University School of Public Health, there is strong statistical correlation between high rates of gun ownership and more deaths from gun homicides. Actually, more guns = more homicides.

Myth #2: Gun regulation is unpopular.

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the percentage of Americans favoring tougher gun regulations and restrictions has increased 8 points from 42% to 50%. When looking at specific restrictions, support is even higher. Eighty-four percent of Americans strongly support laws requiring background checks before allowing the sale of a firearm, up from 77%. Sixty percent of Americans strongly support laws limiting the sale of automatic weapons, up from 54% before the shootings.

Myth #3: Better enforcement of current laws is needed, not new laws.

Some current gun regulations have been hard to enforce because congressional gridlock and challenges have prevented regulation the way it was intended. Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research claims that a series of federal laws have, among other restrictions, limited public access to gun crime trace data and prohibited its use in hearings.

Myth #4: Gun control is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.

Yes, bans on handgun ownership were deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in D.C. v. Heller, but governments have flexibility when it comes to gun ownership regulation. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals released the opinion that legislation can regulate gun control in public, although bans in the home is more challenging.

Myth #5: Gun control by state does not work.

Recent research about state-to-state gun homicide levels has shown that states with stricter gun control legislation have significantly lower firearm deaths.