Draco Winter Blizzard Drops Over a Foot of Snow in Des Moines, Iowa : Snowfall Totals LIVE Updates


Draco brought a ton of snow to the Cascades and Rockies during its initial phase. Now, as Draco moves east, it is in its "second phase" and bringing heavy snow, thunder, lighting, and high winds to the Plains, Midwest and Great Lakes regions, Weather.com reports.

Over a foot of snow has fallen in Des Moines, while Omaha took in over 8 inches.

Here's their roundup of the highest snowfall totals:

- Wyoming:  North of Kemmerer (25")

- Oregon:  Santiam Pass (20")

- Idaho:  Near Island Park (18.1")

- Washington:  Near Plain (28.2")

- Colorado:  Craig (19")

- Montana:  19 miles south of Libby (24")

- California:  Near Mammoth Lakes (16")

Here are the peak wind gusts recorded in each state:

And the list of recorded max wind speeds:

- Oregon:  Mary's Peak (101 mph)

- Washington:  Near Benton City on Rattlesnake Mountain (100 mph)

- Nevada:  Near Lamoille (86 mph)

- Montana:  Near Bynum (82 mph)

- Wyoming:  Emkay (72 mph)

- California:  Bird Springs Pass (71 mph)

- Idaho:  Near Butte (63 mph)

- Utah:  Ogden Peak (95 mph)