Winter Storm Draco, Is It A Harbinger of the End of the World 2012?


No one is totally sure if the apocalypse is coming or what tomorrow, but here's a clear signal: plenty of Des Moines folks that thought they would have work off today thanks to Draco can now rush off to sit at their desks in the middle of a huge snowstorm.

The West Des Moines Patch reports that DART service will be resuming at 11:45, though the Express routes (Westown, Vista, and E.P. True) will not be running today. All services will resume Friday.

Other proof the end is coming? Check out these creepy, apocalyptic pics from Twitter:

1. From @BadgerFootball, a scene that looks like it came from a Roland Emmerich movie:

2. From @DonnaCamarata, a world filled with snow:

3. From @NickWFox, horrifying damage at McConnell:

4. This is apparently what it looks like where @bornchrisway lives in Lake Forest, Illinois:

No word yet on whether the packs of roving wolves consuming entire crowds of people in downtown Madison, Illinois have been contained.