True "Patriots" Don't Put Guns Before Human Lives


In the aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, gun-lovers and self called "patriots" have been clogging our social media timelines and newsfeeds with pro-gun rants. These "patriots" use the Second Amendment to the constitution as their primary weapon to defend owning guns.

At the same time, there could possibly be, and likely is, another severly troubled person like Adam Lanza in our country. This troubled person might be thinking about ending his/her life, or ending the lives of others. This person likely has easy access to a gun, even a semi-automatic assault weapon like the one used in the Newtown shooting to kill young children. Even though it isn't the only prevention we need to take, we desperately need to regulate guns. And we (hopefully) will soon.

Our history is rich in sacrifice for our great nation. During war times, we would sacrifice crucial foods and items in our lives so our troops had the right supplies and equipment to succeed. "Without Benjamin Franklin sacrificing his family traditions, for us, we would not have the concept of the American Dream," (Carrie Harris). In grocery stores across the country, we donate a dollar to a good cause instead of buying a pack of gum. It is our nature, our inherent goodness, that makes us sacrifice something for the greater good.

The people calling themselves "patriots" say the Second Amendment protects their rights. They don't want to give up some of their guns to prevent another unreal tragedy.

I don't think you're a "patriot" if you are defending your right to own uselessly deadly weapons. You are a true patriot if you are willing to sacrifice your deadly weapons to prevent the tragic deaths of more young children.

If these sacrifices are made, that Adam Lanza-like troubled person out there will not be able to carry out a deranged attack. Maybe, just maybe, your sacrifice will benefit our society.

You'll be the patriots then. Maybe even heroes.