Last Minute Gift Ideas: 10 Presents You Can Still Buy Before Christmas


With Christmas only five days away, it is crunch time for those who are scrambling to buy last-minute gifts. Though there are good sales to be found this weekend for the last-minute shopper, stores and websites have sales going on well into next week.

If you've procrastinated this holiday season, here are the top 10 gift ideas which do not require too much thought and can be bought just in time for Christmas — hopefully, there's something for everyone on here!


1) Concert tickets

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Tickets to go see a musical artist or a stage show make the perfect gift for the art-love in your life. Broadway Across America has some great shows going on, including regular theater and band concerts.

2) Candy basket

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Unless the person is allergic to chocolate, this is a good option for that workaholic friend or relative. You can also include a stuffed bear to make it the gift even sweeter.

3) Fuzzy blankets or sweaters (or anything fuzzy)


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It’s cold outside, and while there may not be snow where you are, warm clothing or blankets are always appreciated.

4) Movie night

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Here is how this gift, adapted from an article on, works: Buy or rent some of your friends’ favorite movies, then buy a box of popcorn, candy, and drinks and let him or her enjoy themselves at home. Offer to join them for more fun. This is also a good gift for new parents, as it allows them to relax a bit.

5) Photo op

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Gather your friends and family and surprise them with the gift of a great photo, a gift which can be treasured, and which your family and friends will surely love.

6) Gift cards


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Yes, the ultimate last-minute resort. However, if you know someone well enough, then you know exactly where to get their gift card so it will be put to good use. Check out for discounts on gift cards, as well as trading or selling gift cards.

7) Jewelry

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This is ideal if you know exactly what you want to buy. Sales are still going on in Macy’s and other stores, though for those who wish to purchase online, now would be the time to buy. Make sure to select priority or next-day shipping so that it is there in time for Christmas.

8) Music

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A great gift is getting your friend a CD of their favorite musical artist, or better yet, an iTunes gift card.

9) Toys

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Cars, Barbies, and action kits will be appreciated by the kids who receive them. Toy sales seems to go until the very end, so there’s still time to buy for that kid on your list.

10) Donate

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Instead of buying more clothes that will probably just sit in your closet, offer the gift of donating this year. There are plenty of people would love those jeans that you never wear. Get a friend in on this to,o and together, you can give someone the gift of charity.

Christmas Eve has been shown to be one of the busiest shopping days during the season. So, for those of you who have yet to start on Christmas shopping, don't fear: You're not the only one.