Mitt Romney Never Wanted to be President, Says Son Tagg Romney


In true schoolyard style, the Romney camp is now trying to float the message that he never even wanted to be president.

“He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life,” the Boston Globe quoted Tagg Romney, Mitt’s eldest son, as saying.

That’s probably why he spent almost $50 million of his own money on his campaign. And why, after failing in the primaries in 2008, he rebooted and tried again this time.

It also raises the question of how many people Tagg Romney knows who sit around talking about wanting to be president — it calls to mind the senior Romney’s wonderfully blundered attempt to relate to the "common man" when he said that lots of his friends are NASCAR team owners.

While saying he never really wanted to win in the first place might be a juvenile attempt to save face, it also just affirms the suspicions of millions of Americans that nothing Mitt said during his campaign was genuine. All of those impassioned speeches about how he couldn’t wait to lead this country he loves so much? Nah, just words.

Although, if it’s true, that means there’s something in the world on which Mitt Romney and I agree; I never wanted him to be president, either.