24 Reasons to Watch TBS's 24-Hour 'A Christmas Story' Marathon


For me, the best part of the holiday season has never been receiving presents, wrapping gifts, or gobbling cookies, but tuning in for TNT's 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story, which features the Christmastime adventures and misadventures of young Ralphie Parker. If you're unsure of which holiday flick to watch with your family tonight, here are 24 reasons to select this timeless classic.

24. It was made before youth became obsessed with technology. 

You won't find kids asking for iPads or iPhones for Christmas!

23. It's hilarious to watch the hapless, sad sack younger brother try to do anything.

22. We learn the importance of arms safety.

21. We're reminded that peer pressure has consequences...

20. And that even our closest friends are capable of betraying us sometimes.

19. It teaches kids that swearing in front of parents is unwise.

18. It's great when Ralphie finally gives bully Scut Farkus what he deserves...

17. And when Ralphie's parents don't care that their son got back at his longtime harasser.

16. There's a lot to be learned about disappointment.

15. Randy is a hot mess.

14. Jean Shepherd narrarates the entire film.

13. It's fun to remember a time in which our whole lives revolved around getting our dream gift.

12. It depicts just how awful the mall Santa experience can be for everyone...

11. And shows us that kids can be really creepy. 

10. The network typically plays a short "Where Are the Cast Members Now?" segment during commercial breaks.

9. There's snow! Growing up out west, my Christmases have always been warm and sunny (life is tough, I know), so it was always fun to see a more traditional holiday experience onscreen.

8. The mom is as sweet as can be...

7. A stark contrast to the curmudgeon dad.

6. The father's freakout scene is unreal.

5. The family spends Christmas at a Chinese restaurant...

4. And learns that being serenaded isn't always so awesome.

3. There's nothing quite like the bunny suit scene.

2. It's impossible not to laugh when the grumpy dad says, "Shut up, Ralphie!"

1. One word for you: fragile.