Christmas 2012: Merry Christmas to the PolicyMic Community!


For well over a year now, we’ve argued, fussed, debated, mic’d, flagged, and bickered back and forth (kinda like a family :) ). We come from near and far, are rich and poor, have different faiths, ideologies, cultures, countries, and backgrounds. I cherish and appreciate you all!

Newbies jump in and quickly learn we are very welcoming and very protective of our online opinion home. Sometimes a newcomer may experience, “PolicyMic is not like other web-sites (ahem Huffington Post) where you can hop on and bloviate. This is a site for civilized debate. Please take a moment to read the comments principles I look forward to hearing more from you. Stick around long enough and you’ll find it’s addicting.”

Or, if they have an affinity for all caps, “Hi Newbie and welcome to PolicyMic! I see you’re having a problem with your caps lock sticking and do hope you get it fixed soon. If you do not have a problem with your caps lock sticking, please take a moment to read our community principles which can be found here”

They become dazed and confused when they attack a pundit of opposite ideologies and someone with their ideology jumps in and steps up for the ‘foe.’ They learn that though we disagree, we do respect our neighbors. Soon, they are contributing, building their mic's and publishing their own articles.

To Chris A and Jake H, a huge THANK YOU for giving a voice to all affiliations. Chris M, Jordan, Alex, and the rest of the top-notch editorial staff – what would we do without you? You all are simply amazing! You all have given us one of the greatest gifts – the opportunity to let our voices be heard which we greatly appreciate.

Many thanks to all for the mics, discussion, and helping to build this incredible online community! Everyone, please be safe and get a designated driver if you’ve imbibe in the eggnog a little too much.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

p.s., If you haven’t taken the time to upload your real photo and your real name, doing so would be a great Christmas Present for your P'Mic neighbors. We’ve been there and it is respecting the site guidelines :D