5 Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity This Christmas


Although the central themes of Christmas season can often be distorted by Black Friday riots, vandals, and thieves, the best of humanity always shows its face (and heart) this time of the year.

From Christmas wishes coming true to communities pulling together to help those in need, the world never fails its fellow man during the holidays. So, just in case you doubted that such goodwill and tidings were happening this year, here are thefive most inspiring moments of Christmas 2012. 

1) Khalil Quarles  


2) Baby Maddalena

In July of this year, Maddalena Douse was born about three months too early and weighed less than one pound. Being a premature baby is life threatening enough, even more so where Maddalena was born. In the U.K., if a pre-mature baby weighs less than one pound, than it is not considered worthwhile to save and will most likely die. However, a little gift from God was sent down to the Douse family that day, when a pair of scissors was accidentally left on the scale when Maddalena was weighed - making the scale show exactly one pound. After almost 6-months of fighting for her life inside of a hospital, the Douse family is happy to announce that Maddalena was released just in time for Christmas - most likely the best Christmas gift anyone in the Douse family has ever received. 

3) Nanette Garvey

Like many in America, Nanette Garvey was struggling to keep up with her finances and provide for her family. Nanette, a single mother of five, had recently lost her job and was feeling the financial pressure heighten as the holidays grew closer. However, her spirit was quickly rejuvenated when she was given a make-over, followed by a job offer, all thanks to an organization called "Style Me Hired." After Nanette's make-over and job offer, she was then further surprised when she was asked to jump aboard a fire truck that was filled with presents for her children, an even happier ending, to an otherwise amazing moment. 

4) The Thompson's

The Thompson's from Atlanta, Georgia were victims of burglars last week, who like the Grinch, stole every last gift from under the Thompson's tree. After a local new channel heard of the unfortunate events, they worked towards putting Christmas back together for the Thompson's. Later in the week, Toys'R'Us surprised the family with a shopping spree, where the children were able to pick out anything they desired. In addition to the shopping spree, a local security company donated a security system to the Thompson's to ensure their second round of gifts would remain safe, which further exemplified the importance of community. 

5) Santa's Special Stop

Santa made a special stop in Akron, Ohio on Christmas Eve this year. Flying in on a helicopter, Santa made his way through Akron Children's Hospital handing out gifts and spreading holiday cheer to over 100 of the hospital's patients. This meant more to the children and their families than what words could possibly describe.

Despite all of the bad news that is reported each day and the true evil that exists in the world, it is moments like these that renew our faith in humanity and God. So next time you doubt humanity's ability to shine, pull this list out an remind yourself that good still exists in the world, and may you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.