Storm Euclid Tracker: Winter Storm Path, Tornado Warning, Updates


Winter Storm Euclid brought a white Christmas to million of Americans, while also threatening with leaving many more stranded with high winds, snow and even the risk of tornadoes, reported via NBC News. 

Storm Euclid could interrupt millions of Americans' post-holiday travel plans as many from coast to coast will try to make it back home defying what describes as "wintry conditions" from Eastern Oklahoma through Arkansas.

Euclid then will likely move to the Ohio Valley and Eastern Great Lakes on Wednesday and Thursday. The West Coast is also expected to get snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. 

As of Tuesday, and according to, almost 200 flights had been canceled and 1,039 had been delayed, a problem that could persist at least until Thursday morning. 

Storm Euclid is also likely to disrupt drivers, as almost 100 million Americans are expected to hit the road on Wednesday as they return from their families and friends' homes after the holidays. 

Broad regions in the United States, from Texas to Oklahoma, will likely face other types of disruptive weather such as thunder and snow storms.

The conditions are raising flags about travel safety, as well as generating recommendations from authorities to "plan ahead" and "exercise caution" in order to guarantee the safety of the holiday travelers.  

In addition, authorities along the Gulf Coast are warning residents to be watch out for "strong tornadoes, high winds heavy rain, hail and lightning."

As far as the Northeast, severe weather is expected to arrive on Wednesday and Thursday. Boston, New York and Philadelphia, will likely experience heavy rain as opposed snow.