Is Santa a Democrat or a Republican?


It seems that the "binders full of women" and all the Bain Capital deals don't bother Santa Claus who, according to a "tongue-in-cheek" Public Policy Polling survey, thinks 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been a "good boy" deserving of presents. 

Sixty-three percent of Americans said Romney would get presents from Santa. Conversely, just 51% think President Barack Obama, who soundly defeated the former governor of Massachusetts during November 6's elections, would get presents.  

When asked if the candidates would receive presents versus coal, 63% said Romney would get presents while 37% said the Republican would get a "lump of coal." For the president, the margin was 51% for presents and 49% for coal. 

The poll, released on December 10, also found that 44% of respondents think Santa is a Democrat, while 28% think he is a Republican. More voters than not, 47% to 40%, think there is a "war on Christmas." 

In more serious matters, the Democratic-leaning pollster found that 54% of voters were concerned the fiscal cliff "could cause Santa to cut back on his benefits."