1 of 10 Children Ask Santa for a "Dad" This Christmas


So you have just finished waiting on a long line at Macy's for hours and you finally get to sit on ol' Santa's lap to plead your case. For most kids, this Christmas' wish may be the one that's guaranteed to find its way under the tree. Santa maybe a bit flaky when he makes promises from street corners and expressways, but he typically pulls through when he is asked while he's chilling in Macy's.

1) The anti-holiday folks are wrong about all the noise they make over consumerism and materialism.

If anything is indicative of the spirit of the holidays, it is the child experience. If lil' Susie were asking for the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 that she saw her friend's dad drive to open school night, then they would probably have a valid point. But when our youth, and perhaps even teens, are asking for a gift with a beating heart and arms to be hugged with, then maybe we all need to hold off on the self-righteous criticism.

2) Perhaps what was once to be expected needs to be viewed as an asset or blessing.