The Dark Knight Rises: Cinema Sins Tries to Tear Apart Nolan Movie, Totally Fails


Do you like to find flaws in something that are not really flaws at all? Well, then, you and Cinema Sins clearly think alike.

The YouTube channel seems to be making a name for themselves as the people that rip apart movies like The Dark Knight, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Avengers.

Wired calls them “a model of snarky efficiency” while IGN say, “you can't deny that this new video from Cinema Sins makes sense.” However, efficiency does not mean making random jokes and highlighting them as “sins.” Also, a lot of the jokes they highlight actually don’t make sense. Therefore, without further ado, let’s rip apart Cinema Sins’ The Dark Knight sins video.

They start off by criticizing the DC Comics logo, even though Batman is a DC Comics property. They then cite Bane’s accent as a sin, even though most people had no trouble understanding him. Then, they criticize someone hanging onto a rope even though they are falling out of a plane. It makes sense that someone would do that if they were falling thousands of feet below, no?

Cinema Sins also seems to find it hilarious that the movie has an electronic tablet, because those things are so uncommon in our daily lives, aren’t they? They also criticize Alfred, hinting at the conclusion and his understanding of Bane. However, Alfred has always understood the nature of his master’s opponents better than the Dark Knight himself (he was the one who explained the Joker to Wayne in The Dark Knight, after all). As for hinting at the ending, everyone from Shakespeare to Sophocles has done that, so choosing that as a sin is pretty weird.

They also mock the shape of furniture, calling one piece a “nipple bed.” How mature. Plus, they refer to a random woman as a “b—ch” and, when Alfred laments his depression over leaving Bruce, someone who he has loved as a son, they also say he “whines like a b—ch.” Again, a very mature, intelligent and inoffensive move by Cinema Sins, is it not?

Their worst sin, however, is ignoring the roles established by the comic books. They call Batman a “pu—y” for getting beaten by Bane, but Bane has always been the more proficient combatant of the two. Also, when they mockingly ask if Catwoman is a lesbian, the answer is a qualified “yes” because, in many comic story lines, both she and Batman have shown homoerotic sensibilities.

Ultimately, you need another video to highlight all the mistakes they make. There are some good questions, such as why a certain bridge wasn’t blown like the others, how easily Bruce drifts into obscurity, or the lack of security at Wayne Mansion. However, the majority of their highlighted flaws aren’t to be considered seriously. Their videos on The Avengers and Amazing Spider-Man are just as ridiculous, so see if you can tear them apart as well.

There are a lot of reasons why Nolan’s franchise did not end of the powerful note it should have. Out of the 73 things Cinema Sins highlighted, they could not hit even one.