5 Political Memes That Are so 2012


When we hear the words bootlegging, speakeasies, moonshine, or Al Capone, we 

2. Legitimate Rape: What a nicely coined phrase! As if there were illegitimate rape.

Todd Akin's comment not only marked a turning point in his battle for the Missouri

The fact that "legitimate rape" contributed to Akin's defeat signifies a victory for women,

3. Benghazi Attack: While the U.S. has endured the highest incidents of

While U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were the

4. Romney's 47%: Mitt Romney's 47% statement indicates Romney had known that

5. "Four More Years": One of the most tweeted phrases of 2012 marked the celebration of President Obama's victory for 2012 election.

This was a hard-fought victory when the country had been bogged down in a deep