Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Suffers New Cancer Complications


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is suffering "new complications" following his latest cancer surgery in Cuba, said Vice President Nicolas Maduro through a televised address from Cuba, according to The Associated Press via USA Today

Maduro said Chavez's condition was "delicate." And, without giving further details, the Venezuelan vice president said the "new complications" are derived from a "respiratory infection."

According to the AP, Maduro — who was designated by Chavez as his "successor" prior to his latest cancer surgery in Cuba — traveled to Cuba on Saturday " in a sudden and unexpected trip" to visit the socialist leader.

Maduro, who reportedly spoke "with a solemn expression," said he would remain on the island "for the coming hours."

He is reportedly accompanied by Chavez's eldest daughter, Rosa, and Venezuela's Attorney General Cilia Flores.

If Chavez does die, or becomes incapacitated to fulfill the duties of the office he was just reelected for another 6-year term, new presidential elections need to be held in the South American country. Chavez won reelection last October by a comfortable margin and his Unique Socialist Party dominated all by three states during December's gubernatorial elections.