Hobby Lobkby Lawsuit: Obamacare Contraception Mandate Could Spark Protests


Hobby Lobby announced on Thursday that, while awaiting its pending lawsuit, they will not comply with the controversial Obamacare contraception mandate. Citing religious freedom and facing astronomical daily fines, Hobby Lobby has made its position clear and shows no signs of backing down.

Although Hobby Lobby's stand against the federal government could prove costly, its benefits heavily outweigh the consequences. Hobby Lobby's defiance will not only serve as a beacon of hope to millions of Americans, but could also become known as the modern day shot heard 'round the world.

Easily the most contentious stipulation found within the 2,700 page law, the Obamacare contraception mandate has sparked controversy concerning religious freedom and has sparked a slew of lawsuits.    

The mandate in question forces employers to provide insurance to employees, which among other things, covers the cost of birth control and the morning after pill — no matter the employer's religious beliefs concerning the issue.

Although rulings allowing religious institutions to forgo the mandate have been awarded, private companies have not been afforded the same courtesy. And by not complying with the said mandate, companies are subject to fines reaching up to $1.3 million per day.

Originally filling their lawsuit in September of this year, Hobby Lobby received a less than favorable ruling in November — when a federal judge ruled that Hobby Lobby would be required to adhere to the mandate. Quickly bouncing back, Hobby Lobby filled for an injunction in the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, which was swiftly denied.

Refusing to back down, Hobby Lobby filled for an injunction within the U.S. Supreme Court while the case made its way through the court system. Despite hopes being held high, a decision to deny Hobby Lobby's request was handed down by Justice Sonia Sotomayor two weeks ago, leading Hobby Lobby to release their defiant statement and refusing to comply.

Although roughly 40 similar lawsuits are currently in progress — with Domino's Pizza being the most recent to join the fight — Hobby Lobby has been the first to take a line from Nancy Reagan and just say no. It is A bold move that begs the question, how many more will follow suit?

It appears, at least with this particular issue, many Americans have reached a point in time where their beliefs may only be maintained while practicing pure defiance - a practice that Hobby Lobby seems to be heading up without compromise.

Despite the potentially defeating consequences that such actions may bring about, Hobby Lobby may very well re-kindle civil disobedience in a way that would inspire the participation of millions. Of which, if to see fruition, would not only spark a nod of approval from Mr. Civil Disobedience himself, but could serve as the new shot heard 'round the world — a sound the world so desperately needs to hear.