The Best Hangover Cures For New Years Day


The idea behind New Year's Eve celebrations is to start the new year off with fun and excitement, right? It’s supposed to be symbolic of how we want to spend the next year of our lives, full of joy, surrounded by friends, wearing uncomfortable shoes.

But it often backfires. We try so hard to start the year of right; partying hard and drinking all of the champagne we can get our hands on. And then we end up starting the new year not full of joy, but miserably hungover. If you think about it, it’s really a terrible precedent, if the whole point is symbolism.

So this time, don’t start off 2013 with your head in the toilet like some frat boy.


1: Pace Yourself:

If you have any kind of resolution that involves moderation, consider starting it on the 31st and not the first.

2: Medicine:

Take vitamin B and Advil before you go to bed.

3: Go to a Diner:

Eat something with lots of carbs and grease — who doesn’t like to end a long night with a 3 a.m. diner party?

4: Hydrate:

It can be hard to remember to drink enough water, so, to keep track, try drinking a full glass of water after every alcoholic drink.


1: More Medicine:

Take more vitamin B and more Advil when you wake up.

2: Go to Another Diner:

Eat another carb-and-grease-filled meal.

3: Magic:

Bloody Marys are not just for brunch. They’re amazing miracles in a glass, especially when made with Sriracha instead of Tabasco.