New Years 2013: 13 Things Every Millennial Must Do in 2013


1. Find a job you are passionate about

It is time to leave the mundane, and find something you actually enjoy! Sometimes millennials are so caught up in the day-to-day routine that they don’t stop to realize they really hate their job. Don’t waste any more time in a boring dead end job. Find your passion and follow it.

2. Travel

You don’t have to break the bank to travel. Even if it's just exploring your own city, it is time to get out and see new things. There are so many beautiful places to see, so get off your bum and go see them.

3. Enjoy “me” time


4. Volunteer

Millennials get the rap for being a bit narcissistic. We should take time to change that this year by giving back to the community.

5. Get political

With the election this past year, the fiscal cliff this year, and all the in between, we have to get political. They only way we are going to see change ourselves is by being the change.

6. Find a hobby

Paint, go hiking, go fishing, go kayaking, take up photography, do something. Sometimes millennials just need to find a creative side to really enrich their lives.

7. Keep up with your health

As a nation, we are unhealthy. Fast food chains and processed foods have made it easy for everyone to take the fast route to cholesterol problems. Keep up with your health this year and ensure better years to come.

8. Reconnect with old friends and family

We are getting older, millennials. I am sure that many of you, like myself, have lost touch with special people in your lives. It’s the start of a new year, so why not reconnect and change that.

9. Create meaningful relationships


10. Take more pictures

Create lasting memories, and then record them. Just about everyone has a camera with a phone, an Instagram account, or some other way of taking pictures. Those keepsakes are what we are going to look back on one day.

11. Take more risks

It is time to put that computer away. Get up, stand up, and do something out of the ordinary. We are in the best years of our lives. There is no point spending them stuck behind a computer screen.

12. Put your phone away for a while

This is by far one of the biggest issues for millennials. Sitting at dinner with your phone out, having a conversation with your phone out, seeing a movie with your phone out are all unnecessary. This year, try putting the phone away a little more and actually being a person for a little while.

13. Try saying “no” a little less

In our fast paced culture, it has become so easy to say no all the time. There are so many lost opportunities because we immediately resort to saying no because we are always just so busy, or too stressed. Saying yes this year may be exactly what millennials need.