How Can Youth Be Part of Global Development?

At a conference in New York yesterday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon praised the efforts of international NGO groups in spreading democracy in the Middle East and elsewhere. 


Referring to democratic transitions underway in Arab Spring countries, he addressed the international community and said, "Please, do your part. Help these women’s groups, social media activists, human rights defenders, and others to take their rightful place in society – in government, in parliament, in every public institution."


Young people are critical to this development process, but many times they don't understand their own role.


Should young people give money to development causes, or donate their time? Should they join well-funded, government-affiliated NGOs, or strike out on their own to build new institutions? 


In short, what is the best way for young people to further international development? 

Photo Credit: Official U.S. Navy Imagery