Fiscal Cliff Vote - House expected to vote on Senate bill tonight


After much wrangling, it looks like the Senate approved fiscal cliff bill will receive an up/down vote in the House between 9:30PM - 11:15PM tonight.

Earlier today, aides reported a great deal of strife within the House Republican caucus as many Representatives were loathe to vote for tax hikes with little to no spending cuts.

In an effort to shore up the vote Speaker Boehner offered the conservative wing of his party the opportunity to present an amended bill if they could show that they could deliver 218 votes (majority needed for passage). 

It appears that the Cantor-led conservatives failed to find sufficient agreement on an amended bill (it would receive zero Democrat votes), resulting in an up/down vote on the untouched Senate bill.

The Senate bill is expected to pass, primarily on the back of Democrat votes with Boehner delivering the final 30-50 Republican votes necessary to secure passage. 

Even if the bill secures passage, it only delays a big chunk of the fight for two months. The Senate bill does not answer questions concerning the debt ceiling or the $1.2 TRILLION dollar package of mandatory budget cuts known as the "sequester." This battle may be nearing its end but the war is far from over.