Justified Season 4 Premiere Date: January 8 FX Will Be Packing Heat


Never before has this country been so divided on the issue of guns. Next week, FX's Justified returns, meaning we're in for another season of U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens packing a gun as a means to maintain law and order. And in this day and time, Justified has never been more timely. When people are desperately looking for a hero, Raylan Givens is one who will step up to the plate. With the topic of guns and violence so prevalent, this show is a reminder that we need a man with a gun watching our backs.

In this show, the characters fight fire with fire. Each season has seen its share of colorful bad guys, with the most notorious being Mags Bennett, played beautifully by Margo Martindale in Season 2. And of course, one cannot mention Justified without paying tribute to Raylan's consummate nemesis Boyd Crowder, played by Walton Goggins. But just like every in every western, the bad guys are armed. And the man with the badge must answer the call to protect innocent civilians, often with a firearm. Right or wrong, duty must prevail.

The show is set in eastern Kentucky, and has a backwoods feel to it, a false purity. But underneath every nook and cranny lies evil. Lawlessness prevails where you least expect it.  Drug dealers and murderers should sleep with their eyes open while U.S. Marshal Givens is on the prowl. He won't hesitate to take a shot if necessary.

What Justified brings to the table is a belief that a man of the law wants to protect and serve with honor. Nobody is claiming sainthood, least of all Raylan Givens. But in today's world, seeing a man dedicated to protecting the innocent is refreshing. And in a world where many want to take away our right to bear arms, this show proves that we need people around who know how to use a weapon. It can come down to kill or be killed.

It's refreshing to watch women who know how to use firearms properly in the name of justice. Erica Tazel plays a fellow U.S. Marshal who knows how to handle herself. Also Carla Gugino showcased her impressive skills as Deputy Assistant Karen Goodall, better known as Karen Sisco, in one episode last season. What a team Raylan and Goodall would make. In this world, both women and men need to know how to handle a firearm. Someone has to serve as a protector.

How timely is it that this show should come on now; I=it will likely spark countless discussions. How can you be protected without being armed in some way? Yes, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens has a gun. And thank God, he knows how to use it. If every honorable citizen of this country could be so fortunate.

Season 4 of Justified premieres on January 8 at 10 p.m. on FX.