American Majority Action: Boehner to be Defeated Today


In a phone interview this morning, American Majority Action’s spokesperson, Ron Meyer, shared his thoughts on this afternoon’s election for Speaker of the House. Meyer expressed confidence that conservative Republican House members will successfully block Speaker John Boehner from winning reelection this afternoon. Meyer stated that pundits who disagree “will be very surprised at what happens.”

Just last month, the conservative organization proved its ability to accurately measure Republican congressional support throughout the “Plan B” debacle. American Majority Action opposed Boehner’s Plan B. In addition, the organization accurately predicted Plan B’s defeat based on its own vote counting efforts.

Skeptics suggest that the lack of a clear alternative to Speaker John Boehner diminishes the possibility of a Boehner defeat. Meyer dismissed this objection, implying that finding an acceptable conservative candidate for Speaker is not an issue. The spokesperson for American Majority Action simply stated, “prepare to be shocked.”