When Flying Bring Duct Tape


This is a story for anyone who thinks it's okay to drink all your duty free liquor on one single flight. And then in a drunken stupor, decide it's okay to try to choke the lady next to you. This would seem perfectly fine, even logical for a hammered mind. And then in the midst of all the commotion, go a step further and yell out that the plane is going to crash.  What harm could it do? But if someone should wind up in this situation, prepare for some serious passenger backlash. I'm not talking about being pegged with plastic, clear water bottles. Be prepared for considerable revenge, like being tied to a seat with brute force. Wrapped up in lovely green duct tape, with a plastic cord around your knees.

Passengers on a flight from Iceland to JFK did something we all have wanted to try. Shut the drunk up that is sitting somewhere nearby. There's often one on every plane, using all of their free drink coupons. Screaming twenty decibels too loud. But this time one man crossed a line. And the passengers had had enough. They couldn't flog him with tweezers, mascara wands, or gel shoe inserts. But tape they could use so let all future drunk passengers be warned.

Airline passengers should be respectful of each other when on a plane. Don't sit too close, talk too much, or drink like a fish when you're in mid flight. Then it might get like a rowdy bar scene. Obviously, the pilot had good sense to not panic or try to land the flight. Or it would be an iceberg he would hit or some random uninhabited island. Let the passengers and crew use their resources to subdue a man slinging spit without having to resort to something that would cause more probable commotion.

Everyone knows a plane can be a dangerous place, as witnessed in the past. But in this case when a man is this drunk and disorderly, getting to use duct tape on him would be worth the price of the ticket. But no doubt all the booze only made the man sleep tight when tied up. At least he wasn't drooling on someone's briefcase passed out on the ground. The passengers did a spectacular job of creating a one-man drunk tank out of duct tape.

When on a plane, a passenger runs a risk of encountering one of these nut jobs. So since one cannot bring on board hand sanitizer, hair gel, or an aluminum water bottle, bring duct tape. A bag could rip and tear to shreds, or a pair of glasses could break. But just in case there's a duty free liquor hoarder downing his purchase, prepare for a possible commotion. And when there is no Chuck Norris, Air Marshal, or a loose snake to be found, use duct tape to tie the sucker down.