Vote for the Libertarians


From our libertarian perspective, the main campaign platforms of the left and the right in this presidential election are anathema to everything that libertarians stand for. The left pressures the economic freedoms of this country through the expansionary fiscal policies that squeeze out private firms. The right may tout economic freedoms and small government, but the jingoism, militarism, ethnocentrism, and religious fundamentalism that are central to the platform of most Republican candidates seems to offer little leeway in reducing the intrusiveness of the government. In other words, the left is fiscally intrusive, while the right is socially oppressive. A libertarian candidate should follow a secular, socially liberal, and economically laissez-faire policy: reduce the government’s interference in the economy through de-regulation; repeal laws that infringe our civil rights, such as the PATRIOT act; uphold the American tradition of separation of church and state; respect the rights of cultural and ethnic minorities; limit needless interventions overseas; stop the prohibitively disastrous “war” on drugs; and finally, reduce the size of the federal government, in order to release extra capital and resources into private sector investment. As a libertarian, we believe in a free society — and a free society has no place for an intrusive government.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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