Obama Still Represents Hope and Change


More than gimmicky publicity campaigns and the best efforts of our leadership, there is a reason why the Georgetown College Democrats are the largest student organization on campus.

Presiding over the largest Pell Grant increase in national history, pro-student healthcare reform, the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and ordering the long-awaited end to our nearly decade-long war in Iraq, change has indeed come to America. In fewer than three years, President Barack Obama has overcome significant institutional setbacks and presided over an administration that has enacted more progressive policy change than any other in most of our lifetimes, all during a great recession.

While the disappointments have grown numerable and many of us were left wondering what happened to the progressive we voted for in 2008, giving Obama a second term remains our best hope for prosperity through this young decade. The work of ending 9% unemployment, creating jobs, and advancing real reform on immigration and the environment began but was quickly cut short by the arrival of obstructionist Republicans and divided government in 2010.  

We have the chance to finally end the recession and put Americans back to work next November in 2012.  Let’s unite once more to achieve it.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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