Girls Season 2: This Show is Just Too Graphic for Television


We are officially morally bankrupt and it's time to get a grip. It is one thing to not be ashamed of your body, in the general sense, but it is another thing to be naked for no reason whatsoever. Put some clothes on. Have some decency and dignity. HBO's Girls has been heralded for its brash, frank talk about the realities of life in one's twenties. A time when everything is confusing, especially sex, and finding love. But I'm going to come out and say without reservation that this show is too open, unrestricted, and ultimately too graphic for television — period.

Yes, this is HBO and everyone knows that sex comes with the territory. I understand this completely. You get what you pay for; and when you watch Girls, you are paying for more than you bargained for. 

As I discussed in an earlier article, there is a scene from the series' pilot, when Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, has graphic sex with her boyfriend. Upon a second viewing, I was reminded of some things I had missed. What the audience gets to see is not just graphic sex, but full-on anal penetration. No restrictions, no censoring. Seeing Hannah removing her pants after her brutish "boyfriend" commands her do to so like she is a dog, is revolting. But she's a willing participant; she doesn't say no, and seems to be fine with it. HBO or not, this scene is too graphic for television and more on the lines of a sex scene from an NC-17 film.

Should we willingly watch a woman, another character named Jessa, played by Jemima Kirke, have sex in a public restroom? This is nothing new in film or television. But the disgusting twist is the girl thinks she's pregnant, and in the midst of the encounter, starts her period. While cause for celebration in the scene, it was a cause for embarrassment and shame for an unsuspecting viewer, and more cause to believe that this show goes beyond the limits of acceptability.

Additionally, Allison William's character, Marnie masturbating in an public restroom comes out of left field. As a woman, I find the idea of willingly televising a full on masturbation scene deplorable. It's visceral and not at all subtle. Nothing is left to the imagination. Apparently, women have become unrestrained in their sexual desires. Animals.

Finally, Hannah is peed on in the shower by her boyfriend. This is the ultimate in animalistic behavior. Urinating is for a toilet, which apparently is where this show is wanting to take its audience.

Girls Season 2 promises us more of the same. Nothing is given away in the promos except the characters' desire to live and experience everything. No sexual rock will be left unturned. HBO has outdone itself. This show is too graphic for television, HBO or basic cable. Undoubtedly, this show is quickly turning into a Vincent Gallo production, akin to The Brown Bunny.