Urooj Khan: Illinois Man Poisoned After Winning Lottery


Urooj Khan, an Illinois man who had just returned from a Saudi Arabia pilgrimage, was found dead after winning $1 million in the lottery — reported the Associated Press

According to the AP, Khan's death was initially ruled a natural cause. But the case has been reopened after the Cook County Medical Examiner's office determined that the 46-year-old former owner of a dry cleaning business ingested a lethal dose of cyanide.

"It's pretty unusual," said Cook County Medical Examiner Stephen Cina about cyanide poisonings. "I've had one, maybe two cases out of 4,500 autopsies I've done," he added.

Ashur Oshana, the West Rogers Park convenience store clerk who sold Khan the winning lottery ticket said that Khan had gone on the pilgrimage (to start a better life and stop gambling) and told him that he was done with the lottery.

However, Khan couldn't resist buying and scratching that one "last" winning ticket.   

"Right away he grabbed my hand," Oshana said. "He kissed my hand and kissed my head and gave me $100. He was really happy."

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