Occupy Halloween: The Occupy Super Heroes Fight Evil on Wall Street


This morning at Zuccotti Park, the Unemployed Superheroes kicked off Occupy Halloween, reciting the overarching message, “We are the heroes we’ve been waiting for.”

Fighting for the rights of the 99%, these working class super heroes squared off against the economic super villains down in Manhattan's financial district, adding a Halloween flare to the movement's crusade against corporate corrupton. These occupiers, clad in spandex, came out in hopes to spark a discussion about the work being done by activists who “put their bodies on the line” for justice, just like real super heroes.



The group of OWS superheroes were not your average bunch. Lead by Unemployed Man, described by his creator, artist Gan Golan, as “The jobless avenger, the master of 1,000 résumés,” who fights for the rights of the unemployed anywhere, each hero had a Occupy-specific super power. Fantasma, the first undocumented immigrant superhero, held the power of invisiblity, but only to those who hire her. The Master of Degrees was a graduate student shackled by debt, yet too over-qualified for any of the current jobs available. Captain Generica was the low cost alternative superhero, fighting crime at a more affordable prices.



"All these people who are camped out here may not be wearing capes or masks or brightly colored spandex tights, but they are without question heroes,” Golan said to a crowd of hundreds at Zucotti Park. “Of the people who are a part of this movement across the country, to try and change this society for the better and are willing to take real risks in order to do that is the work of real superheroes. So we are really proud to be here with them today and we salute all of them for their heroic work."



Golan said, “I think this movement is the most honest thing to come around in a generation, and it is creating a space for people to talk about how they really feel about our economy and our democracy that is different than the conversation that we are allowed to have in the mainstream media or within the halls of congress. We are finally having the real conversation about the society we want to live in.” 

Using wit, intelligence, and creativity, OWS has again given the mainstream media one more thing to talk about. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons