Alex Jones: Piers Morgan Kicked Me Out, And Bloomberg is Out to Kill Me (VIDEO)


Fresh off his epic meltdown at CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, where he defended his petition of deporting the CNN prime-time British host for supporting gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, conservative talk radio host Alex Jones continues on his conspiracy theory-fueled roll. 

After claiming that "panicked" producers kicked him out of Morgan's show before his time was up, Jones took to YouTube to say that he is "scared for his life" because New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg supposedly sent "undercover cops dressed as crackheads to kill him and his crew." 

"The way this'll work is, 'oh, see here they were protesting gun grabs and some crack dealers shot them,'" Jones tells in the video below. "If something happens to us, we're killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or the mafia [Bloomberg] hired," he added.