David Bowie Where Are We Now: New Single Breaks Decade Of Silence


Musician David Bowie surprised fans on Tuesday, his 66th birthday, by releasing his first single in a decade. Fans had long questioned whether or not Bowie was in poor health, but after the release of the new song and video, those rumors may be put to rest. The song, "Where Are We Now?" is a melancholy track from his forthcoming album The Next Day (March, 2013); it's being praised as a smash success, a triumph for an icon who many thought was done making new music.  

As explained on the video page, the song is a look back at the time Bowie spent in Berlin during which he recorded his trilogy Low, "Heroes," and Lodger. 

The new single was immediately well-received by Bowie fans. Long-time fan Boy-George calls it, "bloody gorgeous." 

The video released in conjunction is a trippy, melancholy journey showcasing Bowie with his ever-youthful face but a somewhat wearier voice. In video close ups of Bowie he appears to be holding in tears as he reflects on his life. The whole video has a folk feeling; it's meandering retrospective by a brilliant but aging artist.

After the release of the 2003 album, Reality, Bowie has kept out of the public eye focusing on family life and, apparently, this unexpected album.  

What do you think of the new Bowie song? Is it the classic Bowie we never thought we'd see again?