Julio Franco's Batting Stance Should Be Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame


This is the first time on the ballot for Julio Franco, who had a solid career that spanned a quater of a century.  He holds the distinction of being the oldest player ever to hit a home run when he hit one at age 47 with the Mets. Unfortunately for Franco, his overall numbers appear to fall a little short of Cooperstown. However, I propose an alternative.

Rather than induct Franco into the Baseball Hall of Fame, induct his batting stance. Anyone who even casually followed baseball in the 1980s, 1990s, or 2000s would be able to recognize Franco's signature stance:

From the side, Franco's stance always made it look like he needed to use the bathroom immediately. How he managed a .298 lifetime average with this hitting approach is beyond me. It's the type of batting stance that would give Tom Emanski a heart attack.