Gay Rights Supporters Are Hypocrites for Anti-Church Views

BySean O'leary

A truly inspiring article appeared in The Chicago Tribune on December 12, 2012, announcing that octogenarian Cardinal Francis George of Chicago was cancer free.  Feeling good about this article, I read the comments hoping to find more joy in the world. However, to my surprise, I was met with the ugly head of bigotry by comments made by Stickney, Illinois firefighter Randy Atut and gay rights activist and author Carlos Mock. Mock, who according to his website writes for the Windy City Times and is politically active in the gay community, wrote in his comments the following:

Sadly, when reading anything about the Church these days, you will find the comments section plastered with bigoted comments from gay rights supporters rearing the ugliest stereotypes of the Catholic Church. Any argument against the Church’s teaching on marriage usually reverts to heinous stereotypes and labels.

The gay community has long preached acceptance and the knocking down of stereotypes to achieve progress. The community earned its way forward by advancing past ignorance. However, these days it seems that gay activists, lead by the likes of Mock, are practicing acceptable bigotry. 

It really begs the question, why do we need anti-Catholic Groups like the KKK when Gay Leaders like Mock will do their job for them. Although Mock may not be burning crosses like the KKK, when people like him spread vicious stereotypes, that every member of the Catholic Clergy is a child molester, it no longer becomes a fringe belief by anti-Catholic groups, but a bigoted portrayal accepted by our society.

If the gay community tolerates this type of behavior, there are consequences for their movement. 1. They become no better off than the people that stereotyped them, and 2. They lose the label of a group that is persecuted and should be treated fairly.

Additionally, the statements by people like Mock show a movement toward cowardly bigotry. Mock knows he can make these statements because he can get away with it.  I hardly think he would make these comments about the black ministers or Muslim clerics that preach against gay marriage. Because essentially society would label him as a bigot, something it doesn’t do when you mock the Catholic Church.

So in this battle for their agenda, many in the gay community have taken the low road and gloat knowing they can get away with it. But be careful, your arrogance in practicing cowardly bigotry may come back to haunt you.