Let's Talk: Nominees for Best Movie at the People's Choice Awards 2013


Hey there!

So the nominees for best picture are...

The Amazing Spider-Man The Avengers The Dark Knight Rises The Hunger Games Snow White and the Huntsman

Who do you think will win? Who do you think SHOULD win? My absolute honest first instinct was The Dark Knight Rises, but I have to admit I loved The Avengers. It was so surprisingly funny, just like the old Stan Lee comics I used to love as a kid. I liked The Hunger Games, I did, and Jennifer Lawrence kicks ass. But deep down I thought it was only entertaining in a sort of grizzly "are these really kids killing on another and how is this possibly morally okay?" sort of way. But I still liked watching Jennifer Lawrence kick ass.

(Frankly, I think there is way too much violence in TV and Film these days. It's impossible to avoid it.  How numb to this stuff do we really NEED to be? Ah, but I digress.)

It was hard to watch Snow White and the Huntsman without thinking about the scandal between the director and Kristin Stewart. I feel for that girl. She made a mistake but C'MON! If she was a guy NO ONE WOULD CARE THAT MUCH.  Really.

The Amazing Spider Man was pretty good, and if it's the teeny bopper crowd overwhelming the vote like they do on American Idol, then it's a sure bet to win. How do those girls have so much time to work the phones? I don't get it. Don't they have homework to do?