Channing Tatum Sure to Win People's Choice Award 2013


Here is the list of nominees for FAVORITE MOVIE ACTOR for tonights People's Choice Awards:


Channing Tatum Johnny Depp Joseph Gordon-Levitt Robert Downey, Jr. Will Smith

It took me a moment to realize that the catagory was not BEST ACTOR. No, no. This is FAVORITE MOVIE ACTOR. Now while all the other dudes might be very good, and not bad to look at, lets face it. MAGIC MIKE was NIRVANA for any girl over the age of ten. (No, ten year old girls should NOT be watching male strippers, but these days? Just try to stop them.)

The movie was so much fun and his, ahem, "character" so "compelling" that it made me sort of, shall we say, "stupid." 

So WHO CARES about Will, Robert, Joeseph, or even Johnny (who, by the way, might want to consider switching his name to John if he is ever going to grow up. Wait, scratch that. He's not going to grow up. He's going to play "Cowboys and Indians" in his next film. Never mind.)


This is what a nice boy in a beefcake body does for a girl who can't get into the shower before noon. He MOTIVATES. Wait. I live with that guy. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?