How Can Obama Woo Young People in 2012?


As President Barack Obama returns from his Western U.S. tour, his poll numbers are looking better – with a Quinnipiac University poll showing today that he is polling 6 points higher at 47% approval. Still, voters are divided on whether they want to see four more years of Obama, with 47% saying he deserves reelection and 49% saying he does not.


Yesterday in Denver, Obama asked young people to get involved and make their voices heard. The president, who relied heavily on the support of young people during his 2008 campaign, is aiming to mobilize millennials who have been dissatisfied with unemployment and rising student debt.


What do you think: Can Obama inspire and mobilize young people during this election cycle? If so, what should he be doing to motivate them to join his campaign and vote for him?

Photo Credit: marcn