Fashion at the People's Choice Awards


Fashion (turn to the left) Fashion (turn to the right) Ooooo.  Beep Beep.

"A lot of glistening glamour. A lot of sparkle. We have metalics every where... and really stunning elegant grooming." God bless you Tim Gunn. He seems to have a hard time describing Kaley Cuoco's first outfit. "Here we have Kaley Cuoco, working this sort of confestion of pink... as the host of the show she'e really stepping up and out...". Oh she's out all right! Right out of a cake! 

Julianne Hough looks a bit like a night sky. I have to say her look is one of my favorites. (Now how do I get that body without working out?)

Allison Sweeny from Days of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser "looks like an Oscar, in a way, with all this gold..." I, personally, LOVE her courage and her incredibly perky... tips! 

Morenna Baccarin from Homeland is simply one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  That's just uncool to be so pretty. Not sure about the white jumpsuit, however. Sparkly top, white pants. How can you get drunk on red wine with that? Hmm. Just not practical.

Monica Potter from Parenthood is a stunner in pink. I love this pink theme. Makes me want to bake a big chocolate cake with pink icing and wear it.