Jack Lew Signature Goes Viral: Imagine This Ridiculous Signature on the $1 Bill


Jack Lew, Obama’s pick for Treasury Secretary, is known as a stern and pragmatic negotiator and loyal administration wonk respected by Democrats and grumbled about by Republicans and Wall Street.

The one thing that likely won’t come up during his confirmation hearings, though, is also the one most likely to affect your daily life: his horrific signature – probably the world’s worst. If Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary, you will see that signature on every dollar bill printed while Obama is president.

Lew’s odd signature was openly mocked in September 2011 when it surfaced on an administration memo. The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza had to confirm with the Office of Management and Budget that it was really his after previous disbelief.

Like they observed on Thursday, Lew’s signature closely resembles Sally Brown’s hair from Peanuts. Personally, I think it looks more like a dead snake, as drawn by non-artisan chimps on acid.

As Jake Tapper points out, previous secretaries have had to up their game on the signature court. Post-confirmation, Geithner’s signature went from:


For other bottom-of-the-barrel speculation on his signature, see the Washington Post’s analysis, which claims Lew’s loopy Hancock demonstrates his “softer,” “cuddly” side, as well as suggesting that it indicates he “[likes] to keep things private.”