10 Redditors Try To Explain Life Today To Someone From the 1950s


Reddit's best thread of the past week is a discussion on what you would tell someone from 1950 about the world today.

Here's the question: 

Here's the top 10 responses, ranked by us:

1) We're smarter than ever. Also, we're idiots.

In other technology news, we also spend twice your federal budget designing robots to kill people. A year. (It's okay, we mostly use them against foreigners.)

2) Goodbye, Jim Crow! Hello, White House!

Other presidential milestones include the election of a Catholic, a "dong-waving sex machine," and a crook.

3) Russia: no longer terrifying.

We don't even make terrible movies about them invading anymore!

4) We made the dude from "Bedtime for Bonzo" the leader of the free world.

To be fair, not as bad as this.

5) TV: opiate of the asses.

We also put boobs on there, too.

6) My B.A. is worth WHAT!?!?

Whatever you do, DO NOT LOOK AT THIS CHART.

7) Workplace sobriety is a must. Yes, even for cops!

Caveat: we make tons of exceptions to this.

8) Starbucks.

You made HOW MUCH?

9) You can't call them that anymore.

We got a lot of words you CAN use now though.

10) Paradox-free time travel, apparently.

We'll get back to you on this one in a few thousand years. In the meantime, you might want to check out this "internet" you keep hearing about.