Hillary Clinton 2016: We Need a President Who Isn't Afraid of Hard Work


As we approach the inaugural season, it is natural that Americans begin to speak of the next election. We have chosen our man for the next four years, but who will come next? There is a great deal of speculation that Hillary Clinton will make another bid for the presidency come 2016, but there are those who worry that her recent medical concerns will make her a less than ideal candidate.

But, when one considers the grueling schedule that Mrs. Clinton kept as secretary of state, there should be no doubt that she can handle a prolonged election season with the same grace and candor that she displayed as secretary of state. Clinton visited a total of 112 countries and logged 956,733 air miles during her tenure as secretary of state. She frequently stayed up all night working on some of America’s most important issues, only to spend the next day in meetings with foreign dignitaries. Even while ill or injured, Clinton continued her schedule of extensive travel and long meetings, leaving little doubt that she is both extremely capable and extremely dedicated.

Some have expressed concern that her breakneck pace has led to her recent medical difficulties, but, perhaps these individuals should be reminded that a concussion is often a consequence of a fall and a blood clot is often the potential result of a concussion. Did Clinton’s schedule cause her fall? That seems unlikely. Clinton is no less-equipped to handle taxing work now than she was four years ago — blood clot or no.

Though one may be inclined to disagree with Clinton’s domestic policies, it seems to be a fact that she has represented our nation well to the world abroad. In an increasingly globalized world, an American president who is not afraid of extensive travel and who has already developed some excellent relationships with world leaders can only be an asset. If the national economy continues to improve and if Americans are thusly given less cause for navel-gazing, then it is very likely indeed that Clinton will present as a strong candidate for the presidency in 2016.