Second Amendment: Gun Control Does Not Threaten Constitution


Yesterday, during a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, the National Rifle Association deliberately confused gun control initiatives with violating the Constitution when it accused the White House of having "an agenda to attack the Second Amendment."

The NRA is going to use the Second Amendment to fight any attempt to curb its profitable firearms industry. It has been putting its profit above human lives, which should have incurred a strong condemnation from so-called these pro-life groups. However, the baffling thing is NRA popularity surged following the Newtown shooting.

The Second Amendment states that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." On the surface, it seems it gives people the right to keep their arms unconditionally. However,

Nothing there says people can have any unregulated kind of arms;

Nor does it imply anybody, regardless of mental state, can have arms;

Nor does it allow one person's right to bear arms to supersede the other person's right to life;

Nor does it prohibit the future generation to interpret and impose limitations and restrictions on who and what arms can people possess.

It leaves to the future generation to fill in the details as to what kind of weapons people can possess and who can possess them. When one group or one person's action results in the death of another person, it is the government's responsibility to dispense justice and to prevent future occurrence of similar tragedy with its regulations.

This is exactly what the president is expected to do following Newtown shooting.

There are some incompatible facts among some groups of people in this country. Some people are both pro-gun and pro-life. How about changing their label to a more accurate one: pro-profit and pro-unborn life? When the Bush White House attacked Iraq under the pretense of weapon of mass destruction, the majority followed, even if they were only chasing the shadow of WMD. How about asking the war supporters to lead the war against weapons of mass killing inside the country? No, they support being able to possess these kind of assault weapons. It is amazing that people can put up with so many incompatibles and hypocrisies in the culture.