2013 Golden Globe Nominees: The First Losers


While the Golden Globes aren't until Sunday, the biggest losers are the shows that should have been shoe-ins.

Game of Thrones: I'm still reeling from the fact that Charles Dance and Maisie Williams danced through some of the best scenes in Television history, neither of them are nominated. In fact, their entire show didn't get anything. No writing nomination for an incredible balance, and that epic battle at sea that lasted an episode? No respect.

The Walking Dead:They gave us a perfect horror setting. They gave us armored zombies. They made our lead character make harder choices. And yet, we reward them with zero nominations.

I can't take anything away from the people who were nominated. But when Walking Dead gets so much buzz about how much better it's become this year... You know humanity as a species was well entertained this year.