Golden Globe Awards 2013: Live Updates of the 70th Golden Globes


Okay, tomorrow is the Golden Globes, which will be streaming LIVE right here on PolicyMic.

Do you even wonder where the name "The Golden Globes" comes from? I know what I think of when I hear that name: moisturized and tanned, sparkle dusted parts of the female anatomy, stuffed into a too tight dress and bouncing down the red carpet.

Is that sexist? If I am a girl (which I am) is it no longer sexist?

According to the official website of the Golden Globes, the award is a presentation by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, so why don't the call it "The Foreign Press Awards" or "The HFP Awards"? 

In fact, Marina Cisterna, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press from 1944-45, suggested they make a globe with a film strip running across it for the actual give away statue, to represent the "world" that was judging the Hollywood artist, as opposed to "America" or "Hollywood" if you will. So really, you would receive one globe, the world, but it became pluralized due to our wacky way of messing about with the English language.

It also just happens to be funny.