The Golden Globes 2013: Why We Love The Acceptance Speech


Let's face it. We have all stood in front of a mirror practicing our acceptance speech for one thing or another. The two best parts of award ceremonies are the fashion and the speeches.

Why do we love the speeches?

1) It's a chance for someone to get up in front of everybody and tell them just how great you are, and how much they don't, for one thing. Don't you always love when someone wins an award and they say, "And to Mr. Smith from Hoover High School who told me I had no talent? Go suck it!" Be honest. You do. I hope we get at least one of these moments on Sunday.

2) It's an opportunity to vicariously experience recognition. Sure, it's nice to think that we work hard to help others without reward but isn't just so much better when there is a reward? Lke a big shiny statue that you can put in your living room so friends can say, "Oh my!" and you can say, "Hell yes!"?

3) Getting up there in front of other people while looking your best is a great way to remind yourself and others that there are those that are better and more deserving, and our ego just loves this. It loves competition, comparison, and snarking at how one person "deserves" so much more than another person. Our ego is a part of us that, no matter how dirty, mean, and nasty it gets, is still us. We must love it like we love our dog, even though he just barfed right in the middle of the bed.