Jennifer Lawrence Golden Globes: Best Actress For Silver Linings Playbook


One of the most talked about young stars in Hollywood is 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence. The reigning it-girl has succeeded at mastering an impressive feat; she has cast herself in the public eye as both a serious actress and a young starlet marketable to the teen set. 

Lawrence has done this in two ways. First, she fortuitously had her big break in the very "serious" movie Winter's Bone, for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. In the minds of the powers that be, this made Lawrence a force to be reckoned with and a young actress worthy of the big-gun roles. 

Second, Lawrence made herself teen idol fodder when she starred in the film adaptation of the beloved book series The Hunger Games. Playing Katniss Everdeen gave her instant celeb status. 

With her new film Silver Linings Playbook Lawrence has put herself back into the "serious" category once more. She is nominated for an Academy Award yet again, and tonight she is a very legitimate contender for the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy Awards at the Golden Globes. 

In her short time on the scene Lawrence has done what most actresses would kill for: set herself apart as a serious young actress with major movie star appeal. 

What do you think of Lawrence and her career? Does she deserve to win tonight for Silver Linings Playbook?