Where to Watch The Golden Globes Live Today!


Welcome you exhausted worker bees of the world. Isn't it nice to know that today you can sit back, pour yourself a giant Orange Juice and Vodka and watch other people sweat it out in the greatest Hollywood rat F@$k known to mankind, even worse than the Oscars?

Hey now, you say.

Why is the Golden Globes more agressive, more wicked, more back biting than even the biggest, swankiest Hollywood awards show?


Yes ladies and germs, there are awards for television being given right alongside awards for the big movies. This means that Matt LaBlanc could be sitting next to John Hawkes, or that Hayden Panettiere might try to warm up to the Weinsteins. And these are only the celebrities we are talking about. Lets not mention the agents, producers, and publicists that would eat a live chicken head just to get their client in a bear hug with an HBO chieftan.

So sit back and relax. There is NO WAY your day is going to be as stressful as these ambitious sons and daughters of stardom.

Here is WHERE to watch the mud be slung, starting with a red carpet free for all at 4PM PST and 7PM EST.  USTREAM.

Come bitch with me! As opposed to the People's Choice Awards, I will be stirring chicken soup and wearing my Ugg slippers. Today is a day to be comfortable whilst others suffer.