Golden Globes 2013: The Battle for Good Content


The Golden Globes offer one big advantage over the other major award ceremonies: they showcase both TV and movies.

As a story snob, I grew up knowing there was no contest between movies and TV. Movies offered things like Die Hard and Star Wars and Predator. TV gave us Greatest American Hero. There was no reason to compare the two.

Then came Sopranos, 24, and a few other shows that people got really excited to talk about. Real dramas that could be taken seriously. You could consider TV as a viable alternative to the movie theater.

Then there was Lost. And a new era began. An era when you could find higher quality on your couch than you could by shelling out $30 bucks for a movie. Shows like Breaking Bad and Homeland and Luther followed. By the time every bus stop in LA was filled with Sean Bean posters for Game of Thrones, Avatar had already been nominated for Best Picture. The war was over.

Now it's increasingly difficult to find better entertainment on the big screen. As you watch tonight, consider where the memorable moments came from this year.