The Red Carpet at the Golden Globes: How Do They Get Those Clothes?


I am sitting on the floor in my living room, ready for the blg award ceremony.

Cheap Champagne? Check.

Chocolate Caramel Nut popcorn? Check

Bowl of flowers collected from the ground on the neighbors lawn? Check

Nag Campa incense? Check. What can I say I like a nice "spiritual" smell when I'm getting drunk. Whoops. Not drunk. Tipsy. Much more lady-like.

But you want to know about the clothes. I don't blame you.

When a famous person is attending an event, depending on the level of their fame, they get a stylist. That persons job is to go to different designers and BEG them to lend them some of their best dresses. If the client is Anne Hathaway, the designers are BEGGING HER to wear their stuff. Yes, lucky Anne gets all the tops in high fashion sending her all kinds of free stuff.

When I was on a soap, the best dress I ever wore was by Zac Posen. It was an amazing gown. So pretty, what the hell I am going to post a photo of me in it.


My stylist told me she wished I had fake boobs so they would look better in the dress. Seriously. Swear to God.